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Welcome to Oscar Security Group, where we pride ourselves on providing excellent and reliable protection. Our people-centric approach ensures that you can do you while we take care of your safety. 


Trusted by Major Hospitality and Corporate Clients Across Australia

We are an Australian-owned and locally operated security services company, proudly embodying a blend of passion and trustworthiness, much like the fiery red and serene blue colors that define our branding at Oscar Security Group. Specializing in delivering top-tier security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, we have built a reputation on reliability and excellence. We are honored to provide peace of minde to  Australia's leading hospitality and corporate clients.


At Oscar Security Group, we offer a wide range of security solutions tailored to address your unique requirements and challenges. Our experienced team is dedicated to deliver excellent and reliable protection around the clock. 

Oscar Security Group provides tailored Corporate Security services, including risk assessments and physical security measures. We ensure your assets and personnel are protected, maintaining the integrity and continuity of your business operations.


Our Pub and Club Security create a safe and enjoyable environment for patrons. We supply professional, trained personnel for crowd control, incident prevention, and swift response to disturbances, enhancing overall safety.


Oscar Security Group's Events Security ensure the safety of your events, from intimate gatherings to large festivals. Our experienced team manages access control, crowd management, and emergency response, guaranteeing a secure experience for all attendees


Our Mobile Patrols offer a visible security presence to deter crime and provide rapid incident response. With regular, unpredictable patrols, we ensure your premises stay secure and any potential threats are promptly addressed.



What our clients say about us. 

We have been using Oscar’s Security at Harts Pub for years now, and we won’t look anywhere else. The guards are always professional, personable, respectful and absolutely wonderful to both our patrons and our staff. We’ve never had an issue at our venue thanks to Oscar’s taking care of our security needs. 

Harts Pub

Honestly the best security company out there, I would not recommend any other company but Oscar Security Group. The security guards know what they are doing and their sense of knowledge is outstanding. A1 Service!

John Tran

Every single guard without exception, has been amazing. Their knowledge of Liquor Licensing Laws, the way they encourage non-members to join our Club, the way they interact with patrons and staff alike and the way they present themselves so professionally, is the best I  have seen in my 34 years in the industry. They make my staff feel safe whilst on duty.

Club Heathcote

Tailored Security Solutions and Services

Contact us today for personalized security solutions that meet your unique neds. 

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